Jessa Bigelow Weight Loss Before After Transformation

Jessa Bigelow Weight Loss – Hey, fitness enthusiasts and transformation-story lovers alike! If you’re looking for an inspirational story that encapsulates hard work, determination, and the power of a healthy lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re going to chat about Jessa Bigelow – renowned tattoo artist, reality TV star, and now a successful fitness influencer who has managed to drop over 100 pounds. Yes, you read that right – 100 pounds!

Who is Jessa Bigelow

Jessa Bigelow is a talented tattoo artist, a co-owner of the Gallery of Ink, and a reality television star from Harrison, New Jersey. Jessa started her career in the tattoo industry at 18, working in various shops around New Jersey before opening her own shop. She’s well-known for her dedication to her craft and the inclusive space she’s created at her shop.

Jessa appeared on season 13 of the reality TV show “Ink Master”, where tattoo artists compete in various challenges to demonstrate their skills. This experience likely provided her a platform to reach a larger audience and further establish her place in the tattooing community.

In addition to her tattooing career, Jessa has recently become a fitness influencer after successfully losing more than 100 pounds. She uses her platform to inspire others, sharing her weight loss journey, diet tips, workout routines, and encouraging a lifestyle of health and self-love.

Jessa Bigelow Weight Loss Journey

Jessa Bigelow weight loss journey was a gradual one. It didn’t happen overnight but was a result of consistent effort, changes in lifestyle, and a renewed focus on self-care.

With determination, she embarked on this journey, and the outcome was astounding – she managed to shed over 100 pounds.

Jessa Bigelow Weight Loss

Diet and Exercise

Jessa’s transformation was all about balance. She focused on a nutritious, balanced diet and consistent exercise. Her diet strategy involved removing processed foods, replacing unhealthy snacks with fruits and veggies, and incorporating lean proteins. Jessa also embraced the power of hydration, substituting sodas for water.

Her exercise routine began with light cardio and then gradually incorporated strength training and yoga. This combination of cardio and strength training, along with proper nutrition, was a game-changer in her weight loss journey.

Fitness Influencer

What makes Jessa’s journey more inspiring is her transition to becoming a fitness influencer. She started sharing her weight loss journey, diet tips, and workout routines with her followers.

Her honesty, determination, and consistent efforts resonated with many, and she soon became a beacon of inspiration for others on similar journeys.

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Losing weight and transforming your body is an impressive feat, but what makes Jessa’s journey truly remarkable is her dedication to sharing her experiences and inspiring others.

She has used her platform to become a fitness influencer, guiding her followers through the challenges and victories of a weight loss journey.

Final Words

Jessa Bigelow weight loss journey is a shining example of what can be achieved when determination meets consistency. Whether it’s on the tattoo chair or the gym floor, Jessa brings her all, inspiring those around her with her energy, enthusiasm, and sheer grit.

And if there’s one thing to take away from her journey, it’s this – embrace the journey, love yourself along the way, and the results will follow.


Q: What’s the secret to Jessa’s successful weight loss?

A: Jessa emphasizes that there’s no secret – it’s all about consistency, patience, and loving yourself throughout the process. She believes in a balanced diet, regular exercise, and the importance of mental health in this journey.

Q: How does Jessa stay motivated?

A: For Jessa, her followers play a big part in her motivation. She sees herself in each one of them – people who are trying to make a change. The idea of inspiring others keeps her motivated on tough days.

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